An Innovative Tutoring Program Given By Students, to Students, over the Internet

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information if you are not sure whether your school qualifies for Study Buddy.

NSTEP Study Buddy is a student to student internet tutoring program designed to address low math scores of underperforming middle and high school students.  Study Buddy uses the latest internet technology to offer tutoring solely over the internet.  This one-on-one internet homework help session connects students who have already proven their success in math with students struggling in math who may not otherwise have access to math tutors.  Because the tutoring sessions are online, the tutor and student being tutored do not have to be in the same location.  Now, geographic location, economic status and scheduling conflicts do not have to be an obstacle to student success in math.  Our tutors are volunteers who have achieved a high level of success in their own classes and have been recommended by their teachers to share that success with other students.  And best of all, there is NO CHARGE to students who have been qualified through their school or after school program to receive our tutoring services, or who qualify under the national school lunch program or whose households receive food stamps.

To find out how your school, club or child can qualify to receive Study Buddy for free, contact us at

How It Works?

  • Students who need tutors
  • Students who would like to be tutors
  • Parents, teachers and mentors


Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions from both students and teachers.



Study Buddy currently offers student tutors for thefollowing math subjects:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry

We are growing every day and will be adding more subjects in math and science.  Check back again if you do not see your subject of interest offered.

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Parents, teachers and mentors


It’s as easy as 1 2 3!

  1. REGISTRATION  The sponsoring teacher or after school club monitor will receive a code.  The teacher or club monitor can then register the student or give the code to the student and have the student register him or herself HERE.
  2. TRAINING  The sponsoring teacher or after school club leader will receive a short training session via webinar on how to use the notebook and administrative page, and will then be able assist students as they familiarize themselves with the Study Buddy software.  Additionally, both teachers and students are provided step by step directions in a PDF file guiding them through all stages of the program.
  3. MONITORING  Students who are being tutored have their own personal online notebook.  In addition to the student, the notebook can be accessed and reviewed at any time, including during a live tutoring session, by a parent, teacher, club monitor or mentor.  Teachers can award extra credit based on the student’s use of Study Buddy.  Study Buddy administrators randomly review students’ notebooks to monitor content, but the primary responsibility to monitor content rests with the student’s teacher, club monitor, mentor or parent.

Students who need tutors

If a student in your class or after school club needs a tutor and has access to the internet either at home, at school or at an after school club, the student can register HERE.  The student will be given their own personal online notebook.  The notebook is password protected and accessed with the student’s email address.  This notebook is like a virtual classroom complete with a whiteboard, chat interface for tutors and teachers, interactive graphing calculator, and much more!

Once the student is registered, using the program is simple!

    1. TRAINING  The student’s online notebook will have information on how to use the Study Buddy software.  The teacher will be able to guide the student as the student becomes familiar with the program.
    1. SCHEDULING  The student will check the tutor schedule to confirm that tutors will be online when the student needs a tutor.
  1. TUTORING  The student will log into his or her own notebook with their email address HERE.  The student is then in an active tutoring session and has a multitude of options and resources, including requesting a tutor.  At the click of a button a tutor will come into the student’s notebook and begin a live tutoring session.


If you need a tutor and think that you qualify to receive Study Buddy’s services for free, contact us at


Students who want to be tutors


Tutoring is a highly rewarding and great way to receive community service credit hours while helping your peers succeed in areas you already do!

You can be a Study Buddy Tutor if :

  • You are currently enrolled in Precalculus, Trigonometry or higher, have a B+ average or better in all of your math classes AND
  • Your math teacher recommends you to be a tutor by contacting us at


Talk to your teacher today about becoming a Study Buddy tutor!

For more information about tutoring for Study Buddy, please click HERE.