Welcome to the National Science & Technology Education Partnership or NSTEP.  We were created more than 30 years ago as the non-profit philanthropic arm of the electronics industry.  NSTEP works to create interest and promote achievement in science, math and technology, by offering programs to middle and high school students.  We create partnerships among industry leaders, neighborhood schools and individual students from different schools and backgrounds.  NSTEP seeks to improve students’ understanding of science, math and technology and the real world applications of these disciplines.

In 2008 NSTEP began offering a cutting edge online peer-to-peer tutoring program called NSTEP Study Buddy.  This on-line homework assistance program uses the latest interactive collaborative technology available on the internet to offer math tutoring and homework help to students who could not otherwise obtain it.  NSTEP links volunteer tutors with struggling students over the internet so that economics and geography are no longer a bar to success in math.

NSTEP is proud to offer Study Buddy tutoring along with our successful TechXplore technology competition as another avenue to promote and improve student success in math, science and technology for our country’s students.